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be you. be new.



The Neumee brand originates from California, USA. The company is committed to designing and developing fashionable yoga fitness products that conform to international trends, focusing on achieving the unity of personality and functionality of fitness products. Neumee integrates technology and environmental protection concepts into product design, always at the forefront of innovation in the fitness field, and has created a brand that is deeply trusted by fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Its products include yoga series, fitness series, muscle relaxation series, as well as yoga fitness clothing and sports equipment.

Our products range includes yoga mat, yoga ball, yoga wear and yoga accessories, resistance band and fitness accessories, foam roller and muscle release products.

We are Neumee. We make joyfully designed yoga mats and wear that elevate both your spirit and workout so you can be the new you. Smile, stretch, breathe, repeat.


Honestly, our mats are a bit magic. Chose the style that best reflects your personality and show the world that nothing stands between you and your practice, and you’ll be surprised.


Our wear will hug both your body and heart and let you move through the world like it’s nobody’s business but your body’s business. 




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